Employee Engagement Surveys

Employees who feel heard are 4.6x more likely to feel empowered to do their best work.

Crew HR’s Employee Engagement Surveys is an automated employee engagement survey tool that companies, small and large, use to give their team a voice, gain valuable culture insights, and track employee engagement.

Why care about feedback and engagement?


Companies with high levels of employee engagement are 21% more profitable than those without.


more profitable


67% of employees are more likely to stay with an organization that asks for, and acts on, feedback.


more likely to stay


High engagement levels can lead to a 20% increase in productivity across your teams.


increase in productivity

What do your employees really think?

Is your team truly engaged? Don’t just guess. Make informed leadership decisions based on what your employees are saying

With CrewHR’s Employee Engagement Surveys, you gain actionable and real time feedback from your team.

The modern-day
suggestion box

Real-time online timesheets. Our system generates accurate timesheets instantly, keeping them safely stored online.

Aynonymous or
non-aynonymous surveys

CrewHR comes preloaded with short & tested employee surveys that give you the insights you need into your people and culture.

They can be aynonymous or non-aynonymous to allow for candid feedback and or transparency.

Real-time feedback

Why wait for the annual review when you can have real-time feedback at your fingertips? Measure engagement levels instantly, from job satisfaction to work-life balance.

Culture data & people analytics & insights

Track the health of your company culture over time with a data-driven approach.

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Automate the way you get suggestions and feedback from your people

Why choose CrewHR’s employee engagement surveys?

“CrewHR's Employee Engagement Surveys transformed our company culture. We went from guessing what our team needed to knowing”
Monica Healy
Ultrasound Ireland

Works for companies large and small

Gaining suggestions and feedback from your team is essential, no matter your company’s stage of growth.

Don't be the last to hear about the good, the bad, or the gossip around the water cooler.