Employee Leave Tracker

Streamline employee vacation, holiday, and leave management

Simple Employee Leave Management

Managing employee time off can be a headache without the right tools. Spreadsheets, group chats and manual processes make it difficult to keep track of leave requests, balances, and compliance. With CrewHR’s Leave Tracker, modern businesses can now simplify the complexities of leave management. Ensuring your businesses is staffed correctly, employees are satisfied, and compliance is maintained. 

Leave tracker features:

Automated leave requests

Employees can now request leave with just a few clicks, making the process seamless and efficient.

Leave balance & accrual tracking

Stay updated with real-time data on employee leave balances, ensuring no discrepancies.

Real-time Dashboard

Managers no longer need to sift through piles of requests. With our intuitive dashboard, leave requests can be viewed and approved instantly.

Integration with popular platforms

Real-time online timesheets. Our system generates accurate timesheets instantly, keeping them safely stored online.

Customizable leave policies

Every company is unique. Customize leave policies to reflect your company’s ethos and operational needs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Dive deep into leave trends, understand absenteeism patterns, and make informed decisions.

Empowering Employees

With our system, employees have the autonomy to manage their leaves, fostering a sense of responsibility and satisfaction.

Why use a leave
management system:

Reduce administrative work

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and paperwork. Embrace automation.

Increase transparency

Employees can now view their leave balances and request history anytime, anywhere.

Ensure compliance

Stay in line with labor laws and company policies.

Enhance productivity

With clear visibility into team availability, planning becomes a breeze, ensuring projects stay on track.

Self-service portal

Our user-friendly self-service portal allows employees to manage their leaves independently. And for those always on the move, our mobile app ensures that leave management is just a tap away.

Security and Compliance

At CrewHR, we prioritize your data’s security. Our Leave Tracker is designed with robust data protection measures, ensuring utmost privacy. Moreover, using a digital system can make it easier for you to stay aligned with the latest leave laws, ensuring you’re always compliant.

⏳ It’s time to leave the manual entries and paperwork behind

CrewHR’s Leave Tracker offers a comprehensive solution to leave management, ensuring that businesses operate smoothly, employees are empowered, and compliance is never a concern.

Leave Tracker FAQ’s

A Leave Tracker is a digital tool designed to manage and monitor employee leaves, including vacations, holidays, and other absences. It’s crucial for businesses because it ensures smooth operations by preventing understaffing, maintains compliance with labor laws, reduces administrative work, and provides transparency for both employees and employers regarding leave balances and histories.

Traditional leave tracking often involves manual entries, paper forms, and spreadsheets, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Automated leave tracking, on the other hand, streamlines the process by allowing employees to request leaves digitally, automatically updating leave balances, and providing real-time data to managers. This not only reduces administrative tasks but also enhances accuracy and efficiency.
Absolutely! Our Leave Tracker is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Calendars, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace. This ensures that leave data is synchronized across tools, making it easier for teams to plan and collaborate without any scheduling conflicts

Employees benefit in multiple ways. They can easily request leave, holidays / vacations, view their leave balances, and check their request history anytime, anywhere. The system also empowers them with a self-service portal, reducing dependency on HR for leave-related queries.

Using a digital system helps to give you visability into your employees annual leave, so you can monitor and stay aligned with local labour laws. By automating leave policies and accruals based on these laws, the Leave Tracker can make it easier that both employees and employers remain compliant, reducing the risk of legal complications

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