Simple HR software for you & your employees.

Crew makes it easy for managers and business owners to streamline all aspects of your company’s human resources. From scheduling, time and attendance, holidays, sick leave, contracts, company documents and much more, Crew has everything you need to manage your people and processes in a simple all-in-one solution.

Now that we have 17 staff with 3 office locations, we outgrew paper schedules, spreadsheets for time tracking and google calendars to keep track of who had booked time off. The transition to Crew HR was so simple, it’s great to have all our HR documents in one place and our team loves how they can see everything on their phone.
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You have to stay on top of it all

As a manager or business owner, you have to stay on top of it all. From growing your business and keeping customers happy to managing your employees and everything in between, each role is vital to the health of your business.

When your business grows, so do the challenges of managing your people

This is where CrewHR comes in. CrewHR takes the complexity of managing a growing team, like scheduling, time tracking, time off, performance management, company policy documents and streamlines them into a simple, all-in-one HR software platform.

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Say goodbye to managing your teams with spreadsheets, email threads, group chats, and paper records. Say hello to a platform that is simple for you and delightful for your employees.

What can CrewHR do for you, your company, and your people?

Improve employee communication & collaboration.

  • Organize & simplify your company directory
  • One place to store your company values, vision & more
  • Share company wide communications and & important documents

Streamline weekly & monthly scheduling.

  • Plan staffing needs ahead
  • Build schedules & rotas efficiently
  • See staff cover options quickly
  • Avoid last minute scheduling headaches

Make time off & holiday approval simple for you and your staff.


  • Simplified holiday time approval
  • Track annual leave accrued
  • Manage sick time & absence leave
  • Approve maternity, paternity & parental leave

Automate time tracking for better employee experience.

  • Clock-in, clock-out prompts
  • Simple reporting for staff hours
  • Automated time, travel & attendance sheets
  • Receive insightful time & attendance reports

Manage compensation effectively with respect.

  • Salary overview dashboards
  • Salary increment prompts

Keep track of employee engagement & satisfaction to reduce turnover.

  • One-click pulse surveys
  • Pre-built or customizable employee engagement surveys

Reinforce standards with easy access to important company documents.

  • Store and access contracts, handbooks & policies
  • Develop a modernized employee handbook
  • Create, store & access documents & policies
  • Codes of Conduct, Employee Handbook & H&S Templates

Plan your hiring needs, eliminate oversights & unnecessary turnover with savvy contract management.

  • Manage salaried, By-the hour & contract employees
  • Contract renewal notices

Create & cultivate an inclusive workplace environment.

  • Set diversity, inclusion, equity & belonging goals
  • Leadership profile tracking
  • Honest diversity & inclusion assessments

  • Stay on top of your commitments as a leader.
  • Schedule 1:1s & review meetings
  • Maintain awareness of employee concerns
  • Track company moral & engagement

Create accessible knowledge management systems for you & your staff.

  • Provide easy-search ‘Go-to’ resources for new employees
  • Store and manage company handbooks, policies & procedures
  • Accessible Handover & ‘How to’ Manual Library

Advantages for you, your company and team:

Advantages for you

Access all aspects your people management in one platform

Crew makes it super easy to manage our growing team.

Streamline Human Resources

CrewHR keeps employee relations on one streamlined platform to drastically improve efficiency. Using one platform removes the need to organize information through email threads, instant messaging, booking forms, printing, group chats, spreadsheets and more. The reduction and streamlining of tools means less overall wastage.

Improve Leadership

CrewHR allows you to provide better leadership by giving you more time to concentrate on the most important team concerns. Accessible resource libraries allow staff to answer simple queries and reduce reliance on managers. Taking the burden of simple queries away allows your leaders to support employees on issues that matter most.

Reduce Turnover

CrewHR allows you to assess and solve employee problems, pain points, ambitions and more before they become an issue. Employee engagement surveys and regular 1:1s mean your leadership team fully understand the employee experience and considerations. Better alignment and communications mean better performance.

Secure and Easy to Use

CrewHR is designed to be used easily and securely. All features are where you expect them so no new tech frustrations. Information is GDPR compliant and employees don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes. Peace of mind and ease of access are to the forefront of our Crew designers thinking.

Advantages for your employees

Give your team a modern employee experience that values their time and needs

Improved job performance

CrewHR allows staff efficient access to important resources, leadership and documents. Providing streamlined access to resources employee needs cuts down on time wasted searching for answers and support. Believe it or not, inefficient access to resources costs knowledge workers between 19% and 50% of their time every week.

Increased motivation & productivity

CrewHR engagement surveys, diversity, equity and inclusion tracking and leadership profiling improves your organization. As a result of Crew, not only are C-Suite teams are empowered through awareness but, , employees feel heard and valued. Improving employee engagement does more for motivation and productivity than salary in modern workplaces

Reduced stress levels

CrewHR makes rota planning simple and efficient. If cover is required, the availability calendar provides easy back-up. Managers are not stressed out by calling every employee at late notice on their time-off. Less stress improves the overall morale of the team.

Trust & Purpose Develops

Crew HR provides straight-forward vacation, sick and parental leave requests and approvals. By simplifying leave request processes, staff feel as though their employers understand their personal needs. If leadership are seen to care about your personal needs, trust, kinship and alignment to the business purpose develop.

Crew makes it easy for me to schedule annual leave, track my time all on my phone.

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