🧠 AI-Driven Scheduling

Let our intelligent algorithm handle your employee scheduling and roster while you focus on your business.

⏳ No Sign-Up Required

Skip the lengthy onboarding process and get straight to scheduling.

🚀 Download & Share

Export schedules in a format that’s easy to share with employees.

💆 Completely Free

Access powerful scheduling features without any hidden costs or premium fees.

How It Works

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Input Requirements

Add or Upload your team’s availability and company preferences.

Let AI Optimize

Our AI swiftly creates an efficient schedule for your employees.

Download & Share

Export and share the schedule with your team.

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Yes, our scheduling tool is 100% free with no hidden fees or premium tiers. You can access all features without any cost.

No sign-up or personal information is required. Simply input your scheduling requirements, and you’re ready to go.
The AI analyzes your team’s availability and preferences to automatically generate an optimized schedule that meets your specified requirements.
Yes, you can review and make adjustments to the schedules before exporting them for sharing.
The schedules can be downloaded in popular formats, such as PDF or CSV, making it easy to share and integrate into your existing systems.
We prioritize data security and do not store any user input or generated schedules on our servers.
We’ve designed the tool to be intuitive, but if you have questions, you can reach out to our support team through our contact page for prompt assistance.
Yes, the tool can be used for teams of any size, whether you’re scheduling shifts for a small business or a larger organization.

Our AI can adapt to various scheduling patterns, including shift work, rotating schedules, and more.

Simply provide the specific parameters for your team, and the AI will create a schedule tailored to your unique needs.

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